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About Us

It is natural that every service provider wants to increase their customer satisfaction.

Committed to creating customer-focused service, comfortable for use, and which their customers want to repeatedly use and to recommend to someone else to use, VOYAGE GROUP, having been providing outstanding web services to our clients since the time of the establishment of the Company, has been sincerely engaged in increasing our customer satisfaction.

Then we have finally got to the solution for improving customer satisfaction; “realizing customer engagement”.

For customers, to meet a service realizing customer engagement is the best user experience that they can gain the feeling of satisfaction among anything else.

VOYAGE MARKETING remains strongly committed to deliver a variety of support services to help our clients achieve customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction taking a full advantage of the experience and expertise accumulated through a wide range of service developments and operations carried out by VOYAGE GROUP.

New communication vehicle with your customers
– Proposal to make use of “point program”

How you enhance communication between you and your customers is a key to realize your customer engagement. There are various communication vehicles including e-mail newsletters, recommend, customer supports and after-sales care. Above all, our recommendation is to make full use of “point program”.

The value of customer relationships will deepen by utilizing “point program”, as one solution to enhance your service and customer engagement.

VOYAGE MARKETING is offering services including point program introduction support, content proposal making full use of point program and operation support such as point addition as well as point exchange service to increase both distributability and perceived value of the points.

It is because we have valuable know-how accumulated in VOYAGE GROUP, a leading point-related service operator in the industry that we are able to commit to providing support service to enhance your customer engagement by making maximum use of “point program”.

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Point Program Support Service

Introducing the best qualified point program into your services will enhance user benefits and increase customer satisfaction.

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Point Exchange Service

Providing a point exchange service enabling user to exchange the points obtained through your company website for various gift coupons, cash or miles will increase the value of your points.

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