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Point Exchange Service

Your original points can be exchanged for the other company’s points, various gift coupons or cash. By increasing the distributability of the points, the value of you original points will be enhanced.

Point Tie-Up

You can use the PeX integrated point exchange service to exchange your original points. Through the PeX service, your original points can be used for exchanging various services, which is resulting in raising your customer satisfaction.

PeX is the number-one website in the online point exchange service in Japan,
in which you can “earn” and “use” the points.

Cumulative amount of points issued: 12.25 Billion JPY,Number of points tie-up services:153 (the largest number in Japan)

Partner services

148 services in total(as of July 1, 2013)

Digital Gift On-Demand Service

This is a service to allow you to make deferred payment only for the potion to be paid by “Amazon Gift Card” or “iTune Gift Code”. Generally purchasing any digital gift requires advanced payment by designating the type of gift card and number of items. However, through this service, digital gift can be purchased on deferred terms without inventory risk.

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