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Point Program Support Service

We are offering point program introduction support as well as consulting service for the operation. There are two methodologies for introducing point program. One is to create your original point program enabling to issue your original points and the other is to introduce the existing PeX or EC Navi point websites whose points issued by VOYAGE GROUP into your website.

Support for Introducing Your Original Point Program

To enhance the value of your service and customer engagement, we provide services covering from the engagement design utilizing point program to the introduction support.

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Support for Introducing PeX/EC Navi Points

PeX、EC Navi

This service is making use of the “EC Navi point” obtained from the EC Navi point website, or “PeX point” issued by the PeX integrated point exchange service, both of which are operated by VOYAGE GROUP. These points can be exchanged for cash and various gift coupons.
The advantage of this service is that you can introduce your point program much quicker and easier while saving both initial and operational costs.

Our Clients

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Consulting Service for Point Program Utilization to Enhance Customer Engagement

We collaborate with you to enable your customer engagement offering the know-how of maximum utilization of point program and operational methodology including suggestions for contents designing, campaign planning and giving points to the users.

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